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My name is Marian Furnica. I have 4 years of professional experience. I have a background in Classical Dance and have shot the leading ballerinas and dancers of the Vienna State Opera Ballet. I have had the opportunity to shoot live ballet performances in the Staatsoper and work with professional football players. Recently I have transitioned more towards Portrait and Fashion Photography and have worked with models from Elite Paris and Wiener Models as well as with upcoming brands. I have experience with Landscape, Architecture, and Cultural Photography from my time in Japan. I edit all of my photographs myself with Photoshop and Lightroom. I speak fluent German, Russian, Italian, English, and Romanian. I am open to working on all kinds of projects.
My work has been published for BMW, The San Francisico Ballet, Vienna Deluxe Magazin, European Ballet Theatre, Danza News Italia, Danza Effebi, Just a Corpse , Genie Boutique , Nunu Activewear, and the portofolios of top models in europe .


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