Bil Brown: Both Eyes Open

Die Leica Akademie veranstaltet im September ein Bil Brown-Special. Neben einer sehenswerten Ausstellung gibt es auch einen dynamischen Portrait-Workshop, eine Portfolio-Review zu deinen Arbeiten und einen Artist-Talk mit dem herausragenden Künstler.

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17. September, 18:00 Uhr
Ausstellung MYLAR by Bil Brown in Anwesenheit des Künstlers an beiden Standorten der Ausstellung Leica Store Wien Oper, Walfischgasse 1, 1010 Wien & Desiderio No1 Gallery, Johannesgasse 17, 1010 Wien


18. September, 10:00–18:00 Uhr
1010 Wien, Johannesgasse 17
Workshop mit Bil Brown „Both Eyes Open“ – seeing outside of the frame lines: a dynamic portrait workshop

"Don’t let your camera get in the way. People say this, but really, don’t let your camera get in the way of your vision. To learn to see we have to know how we see through the lens. So to ignore the camera we have to simplify our interaction with it, make it part of the way we see. This workshop is for photographers and lens-based artists just starting out as well as seasoned photographers that may be stuck in one mode of photographing and want to explore new techniques. Our goal is for each participant to find one way to trick our mind into taking the photos we actually see, not the photos we think we see. Through aleatory generative process, or zone focusing, odd framing and changing the settings of our cameras or the environment of our subject we can find new ways of seeing and capturing an image."

€ 490,-


Portfolio Review

19. September, 10:00–14:00 Uhr im Halb-Stundentakt
1010 Wien, Johannesgasse 17
Bring deine Bilder am Laptop, Tablet oder ausgedruckt mit und besprich dein Portfolio mit dem Leica Master

"A portfolio review is the perfect opportunity to get advice from a Leica Master for personal or professional development, or simply to arrange your work in a way that will attract the attention you deserve. Bil Brown brings experience as an art buyer in commercial, fashion, fine art, editorial and reportage. The portfolio review is the perfect opportunity to get a one-on-one with a photographer who believes that we develop best as photographers when we develop as people first. Please bring a laptop or tablet, or printed images. Longer works or in-progress projects can be submitted before your time. Up to 25 photos without commentary, please. Bil looks forward to seeing your work!"

€ 39,-

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Artist Talk

19. September, 18:00–21:00 Uhr
1010 Wien, Johannesgasse 17
Bil Brown präsentiert seine Bilder aus der Mylar Serie und spricht über die Entstehung und den Entschluss, die Kontrolle über die Bildgestaltung abzugeben und sie dem Zufall zu überlassen.

"Bil Brown's Mylar series was a revelation. What we might wonder is what got Bil to the point of creating an analog generative effect in his photographs, and what does it have to do with our own projected identity. Objective Chance was a Surrealist concept, later popularized as The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier-Bresson (who himself was a young Surrealist artist turned photographer with his little Leica rangefinder). American photographer William Eggleston relates photography to Quantum Physics, and many of us take a photo with analog film without knowing exactly what we will get until the celluloid is developed. So what is it we are doing when we click the shutter to capture a moment in linear time? What remains when we have captured the image in front of our lens and we have to choose what to do with it? In this talk Bil will present his Mylar series images and others as well as some of the inspiration that brought him to the decision to boldly release all control and leave the image making to informed chance."

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