Scarlet Wind

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The final days of summer on Lake Geneva, Switzerland

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  • Lady Sunshine -

    Das Bild hängt sowas von was nach rechts... - aber das tut der Stimmung überhaupt keinen Abbruch... - phantastisch... !
    LG Gitti

    • Rhoadester -

      Thanks for your comment. I was hoping the larger negative space on the right would sell to the viewer this was a large lake and not a pond. It was how I composed the image and cropping would leave the image off size.

  • mia taugts -

    Das rote Segel machts

    • Rhoadester -

      It wasn't a very photographic day...but I was riding past on my motorcycle and the saw the red sailboat that caught my eye. I quickly pulled over to capture the image seen here. I like it.