Lohnbachfall 095A3838

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Wiener Fotomarathon am 26.09.2020 - Aus ganz Österreich teilnehmen Infos & Anmeldung

A classic POV from Lohnbachfall. Hard to compose this lower falls without getting the wooden stairs in the image. A tighter crop of the image is not appealing.

I’m new to posting my images on a social site and would like to improve my photography. Star ratings are in themselves are a form of a critique, but do not offer any useful information for improving my photography. So that I can improve my skills…. I would like to know what you like or don’t like about the image.

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  • morgenrot -

    Nicely done and in great demand; good for lots of stars and clicks.
    I see hundreds of such perfect pictures a week, I miss details in the pic only seen and located or interptreted by you.
    Generally I like to take my fotos unique.

    my two cents worth.

  • myLens -

    The composition is very good imo. BR Tom

  • Helmut Gehrer -

    In my mind the exposure is too long and the aperture too small. Therefore the water is very milky and in some parts there is no structure in the highlights. The sharpness is low. But I like the picture. Greetings

    • Rhoadester -

      Thanks for your constructive critique. You review is worth more than a star rating. Next time I'll try a slower 3-4 second exposure and see what perhaps and perhaps f/8 will do compared to the f/16. I was shooting for deep depth of field. I don't have an HDR program so bracketing won't help unless I blend layers. This was a one exposure image.