extremer Kälte in Greenland

    • Photo-Sorko schrieb:

      Thank you for sharing. This are quite nice pictures. And I'm curious: how cold is "cold" in Greenland? :)

      morgenrot schrieb:

      Photo-Sorko schrieb:

      And I'm curious: how cold is "cold" in Greenland? :)
      forty below :)

      Hallo wieder liebe Leute

      Well, it depends where you are. If you in the extreme north of Greenland must be now -40, but where I am now is not too much: around -23, but 2 weeks ago we were in -33. Is not too much, if you have the suitable clothes :yeah: . I believe, anyway that when we will be in -10 degree everybody go in shirt and short 8) .

      Obviously I’m talking about places where the people can live, that is to say, only in the coastline, because inside Greenland is not possible for human life: there, there is not nothing, except rocks and kilometers and kilometers of ice. I mean inside is the Greenland Ice Sheet…really terribly cold :kaffee: ...a sort of the refrigerator of the whole planet :daumenhoch: .

      Part of my work here is precisely find out with people how the climate changes will affect the human being and the different animal species that live around this enormous island of rock and ice. They inuit hunters and fishers say that the changes, in the last 10 years, are very significant.

      und für Alle, vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe vor meiner Reise :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: etc, etc...


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    • Photo-Sorko schrieb:

      Thank you very much for your insight. That’spretty cold but to be honest, not as cold as I had expected. At least at the coast. The ice shelf looks like to be a different story. It must be a fantastic experience to be a time in Greenland. The completely different landscape, the everlasting night/day, the people.

      It depends too. Because when you are more than 5 hours working on the frozen sea, the body down its temperature and then you feel more cold.
      Normally, the people around here, fishers mostly, go an back to the settlement ever 5 or 4 hours to bring the fish. the are moving all the time.

      But the issue is global warming in the poles is real and dangerous!!

    • Absolutely. Even -10°C can be very cold in the dark or when it’s windy. The hardest cold I ever experienced was about -35°C while skiing at over 3.000m. That was damn cold and we never stayed longer than 30 minutes outside before warming up again for a few minutes and with hot tea. I have deep respect for everyone who is working outside in these conditions.

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